Beautiful, original spring and summer styles.  


The prices on these Banany Bows are as follows:

Rainbow $2.99 Yellow and pink $2.99 Simple clippie $1.99

Headband with clippie $10.00

Green butterfly $4.99; clippies $2.99

Pink butterfly large bow $6.99;

Daisy with sheer yellow $4.99

Star center with pinks & greens.  $3.99

Assorted funky flowers $4.99  
Purple power!  Purple small flower print:  (Add a center stone or flower) $4.99

Assorted clippies $2.99

Assorted paper flowers with bling centers $4.99 

Baby or toddler soft pink headband with white flower and embellishment $6.99

Each bow is created when you order. I look forward to your custom orders.  Each bow is made to size.  Click here to order.

Flower power! 
Matching sets of flowers!  One of a kind!

Flowers constructed with handmade leaves, rhinestone center and beautiful hard paper flowers.  New colors added:  yellows, pinks and purples. 

Priced at $4.99 each.  

Dragonfly polka dot bow.  Available in blue/brown or pink/purple.

Beautiful brown bow with dragonfly embellishment.  Available in pink and purple too.  Priced at $4.99 each for a medium bow. 

Pink and purple is pictured above.  Row two picture one.  Also below

Dragonfly pink and purple polka. 

Pink and purple polka dragonfly is available for $4.99.  Large is available for $5.99.


LADYBUGS are good luck, so, why not wear one on your hair!

These adorable ladybugs are so fun so please order one!

Red and black.  $3.99 special pricing!

Yellow and red.  Also available with pink background.  $4.99 

~Funky flowers~ONEOF A KIND!

Cute as a button are these felt flowers.  Available in pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, green and purple tie died.  Different button centers available as well as ribbon backing.  $9.99 a pair.