Skulls, bling and more!
Rockin' cool hairbows, headbands, clippies and streamers for all ages!

Green monkey with beautiful high quality brown satin bows are available for $6.99 each for the large size. 

Princess Puff with Tiara

Princess diamond pattern with pink puff and tiara.  Large size.  $6.99.

Black and White Puffs

White and black satin bow with white puffy feathers.  The cutest bows ever in classic colors.  Create your own with 100+ ribbon colors.  Medium sized as shown for 2 pony tails $4.99 each.

Monkey See Monkey DO

Lime green background with fun monkey print.  Brown Hallmark satin ribbon.  The highest quality.  Just got a monkey embellishment for the center!
Made to size starting at $5.99.  Now available are monkey resins for the center

~Skulls n crowns~

Skulls n' crowns collection.  Great for cool girls of all ages.  Includes girlz rule, crowns and purple and black flowers available for $2.99 each. 

Different skulls available to design your own rockin' hairbow.  Skulls also are available in red and black.  These are available as alligator clip single clippie for $4.99 each.  Large skull clip  or ponytail holder available for $5.99 each in your choice of backing.

Rock on!

~Pirates and Skulls~

Cool trends for all ages.  The skulls can be placed on an alligator clip bow, headband or rubberband for older girls.  The other options are placed next to the bows.  All the rage!

Prices are a LOW $4.99 for all of the clips above.  Let's create your personal ROCKIN bow~


Funky and cool!  Limited design ribbon with a funky flare.  Placed on a lined alligator clip. Can be clipped on a headband for variety.   Sized for all ages. $4.99 each. Center can be personalized to your liking.

These skull bows have different embellishments that you can choose from at no additional cost.  I can place any of them on any style bow of your liking.  Pirates are available too.  Prices are $4.99 for any standard bow pictured here. 

~Santa Rocks!  Get ready for Christmas!~


Get ready for the holidays. 

Skull Santas are all the rage.  Santa skull alligator clips are made to size with either Santa ribbon alone or any color background and center.

Prices for Santa alone are $5.  Santa with background ribbon bows are $7.00.  Get yours before this limited pattern is gone.

Click here for additional styles of trendy, cool hairbows.  More bows added weekly so please come back often.


~Funky Flower Power~

One of a kind personalized designs.

These flowers are created with the bold personality in mind.  Cute flowers adorned with buttons, bling or both.  Polka dots, stripes or solid bases are the background for beautiful flowers layered in the coolest colors!  Available on alligator or snap clips.

Available for $4.99 each.   SOLD OUT!!