Hi everyone.  I want to thank everyone for your purchases.  I have been busy and actually have no inventory on hand.  I just delivered to Baby Posh Garage and Do-Overz in Davie.  The ribbon wrapped headbands sold in minutes.  So, again, I want to thank you all for your continued support.  Thanks to ABC A BABY CONSIGNMENT for taking a chance on me and now filling her store front, windows and countertops with my beautiful bows!  Thanks Annette!

Someone told me to add a testimonial page.  I was told today that my bows are awesome and really do stay put with a small amount of hair.  Of course, I would love to hear from you even via email and I will post your quotes.

Thanks for your support.  Love, Gidget


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    I am a stay at home mom making hairbows for lovely little girls.  My inspiration is my beautiful little daughter who I love, adore and cherish.   A girl can never have enough hair accessories! 


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