This beautiful pink card adorned with a ribbon and a paper flower is perfect for gift giving.  Your choice of hundreds of color ribbons for the decor.  Place the bows in tissue paper and a gift bag and watch the smile on the birthday girls face.  I can also add clippies to the display. 

As shown above in picture number 2 and 3 is $30.00.  Picture number 4 is available for $20.00.

Party Favors and Hairbow Parties

Looking for a memorable keepsake that little girls can wear and extend the memories from your party?

I can prepare the hairbows with bling or plain buttons.  Simple one color ribbon alligator clips like shown above are available for $$2.00 per girl!  Orders of $50 or more get a free ribbon streamer for the birthday girl!
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Bows at birthday parties, that is!  

We are available for Birthday Parties!  See the pictures below.

Let us come to your party and allow the girls to design custom bows for themselves. 

How do we do this??

A UNIQUE one of a kind party that will be remembered and talked about for a long time!

When I arrive at the party I will bring three craft boxes of embellishments with 100 or more ribbon choices and my other supplies.  I will spend several minutes with each girl to make their ribbon choices.  They will watch as I assemble their custom designed hairbow.  One to three professional bow makers are available.
Bows are a fantastic,timeless and unique 
party favor. 

How much is a bow party?

Price is $8.00 per girl.  They will get one bow any style with any of my available embellishments.  Minumum of 5 princesses and an addittional $15 service fee applies.  Special embellishments may be requested prior to the party!!!!  Additional bows may be purchased for $5 a piece at that time.  Possible travel fees.

How do I schedule this?

Contact me today!!! 

I look forward to hearing from you to schedule a date or answer any questions.

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Let's party!!!!  The girls below could not be happier to design their own creations right at the table.   We made them immediately and the girls wore them with pride that they created their own hair bow!
permission taken from parents of party guests.