~Sammy Banany's Home Hair Bow Parties~

Servicing Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

~Sammy Banany's Home Bow Parties~

Are you just as "BANANAS" about your Banany Bows as I am?

What is a home bow party?

A home party allows you to shop in the comfort of your home while enjoying the company of friends and family.  Sammy Banany's Bows will bring a large selection of items to your home in a beautiful, professional display.  All I need is a counter or table to set up my display.

**I offer various sale items and incentives for the hostess!

I can also meet you and your friends at my local clubhouse for a one to two hour window of time to host the sale.  It is located at Broward and Flamingo, Plantation area.

If you decide to have Sammy Banany's Bows at your home, you just provide the snacks for your friends. Busy friends can just drop in and shop. The party can last 1-2 hours depending on how many friends you have.

Hundreds of possibilities are available.  I can custom make the bows for your group's liking. 

If necessary, I will take custom orders at that time. 

Encourage your friends to bring outfits to match!!!!

What is the reward??

You get free bows!

As your friends buy, you get rewards*:











You will receive  a $10 credit for every party that your guests book during the two week period after your party.  It is available to use after their party is completed.

Have friends out of town or no space in your home?? 

HAVE AN E-PARTY to host your Banany Bows Party!! 

I will email your guests a special invite with a code, my website address. (Current web prices apply)

I will offer a two day (48 hour) window of time for purchases.  Each guest will be given a unique code so I may tie the purchases to you.  You will get credit for each purchase just as above. 

Questions about hosting a bow party?

To request a date or ask questions please contact me here.


**Rewards are redeemable for merchandise only.